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Issue 14 . Winter 2003

Charity, Hilarity, Pride Events, Remembrance? . From the Bookshelf . Zena Remembered . 1973: Naughty Schoolboys and Cottaging Crackdown . Make Life Beautiful! . Lord Alfred Douglas . Thank-you One and All

Thank-you One and All

There’s been a steady flow of donations to the archive in the last half of 2003 and we extend our grateful thanks to the following:

Val for early twentieth century newscuttings found during her research on Drs Helen Boyle and Mabel Jones;

Nina for a variety of feminist books, records and ephemera – and for continuing to make cuttings from The Independent;

Veronica for a bundle of Gay News’s from the 1970s & ‘80s;

Elaine for a copy of the first newsletter produced by the newly opened Lesbian Archive in London from 1986;

Doug for his history of the Sussex Gay Liberation Front, some photos of a SGLF party at the 42 Club, three 42 Club show programmes from the early 1970s and a quarter-inch tape recording of the SGLF Religious Symposium from 1974. Held in the Wagner Hall in Regents Road (behind Churchill Square) this event gathered together Church leaders of various denominations to give their views on homosexuality - a good reason if ever there was one to get our old tape recorder mended.

Out of sight but not out of mind, we’d like to thank Karen for cutting up The Argus on our behalf every day and Alf for his dedicated work on our splendid website, which he continues to develop. All but two of our newsletters are now available as text and some as pdf versions, which can be downloaded in their original format.


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