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Issue 14 . Winter 2003

Charity, Hilarity, Pride Events, Remembrance? . From the Bookshelf . Zena Remembered . 1973: Naughty Schoolboys and Cottaging Crackdown . Make Life Beautiful! . Lord Alfred Douglas . Thank-you One and All

Make Life Beautiful

If you have a spare moment before 11 January then it’s well worth catching the exhibition of The Dandy in Photography at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. All the expected faces are there - Noel Coward, Cecil Beaton, Stephen Tennant (in shiny plastic macintosh) and Robert de Montesquieu (queening around in what looks like a pair of ocelot gloves) - but also some much rarer delights, including the gay writer Oswell Blakeston and the actor Glen Byam Shaw looking very lovely indeed.

the wonderful Claude Cahun

Claude Cahun, self portrait 1928

Giving the boys a run for their money is a natty Radclyffe Hall and a whole series of the wonderful Claude Cahun, surrealist and Jewish resistance fighter, whose enigmatically beautiful self-portraits have prompted the curators to display the word “lesbian” on the walls of the art gallery for the very first time in its long, venerable history. Go Claude!


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