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Issue 18 . Winter 2005

Our survey said . Rookie to Raunchy . A tribute to Phil Starr. Hold very tight please . War stories wanted . It started with a kiss . News in the archive

It started with a kiss

Thirty years ago, come 30th January, Southern Television (the 1970's equivalent of today's ITV Meridian) broadcast a half-hour documentary about gay people in Brighton.

Coming Out preview cutting

A review of the upcoming programme in the Sunday Times TV pages. 1976.

Sadly, the pleasure and triumph that must have been felt by activists featured in the programme turned sour the next day, when one of them got sacked from his job.

British Homes Store Scandal

How Gay News covered the story.

Protesters from all over the country converged on British Home Stores' Oxford Street branch and local campaigners left the general public of Brighton and Worthing in no doubt as to their feelings.

BHS demo in 1976

The protest outside the Brighton branch of BHS in 1976 by members of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality and the University of Sussex Gay Soc.

Tony Whitehead later became a founding father of the Terrence Higgins Trust.


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